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We can’t thank you enough for how helpful you were throughout the entire planning process. It meant so much to know that there was someone else who wanted to make our wedding just perfect. All your effort and attention was so greatly appreciated. Aside from all that led up to our day, your professionalism and personality made the day itself that much better. You felt like more of a guest and friend at our wedding than a “vendor”. We’ll never forget driving to the Harrison watching Bill film us in the car next to us, thinking “Wow, this guy is great (& a little crazy!)” You were both just amazing! Thank you again and please always use us as a reference for new customers!

Danielle and Eddie

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Thank you so much for my amazing video. I cannot begin to tell you how much we loved our video. I have watched it over and over and over. Peter keeps “catching” me watching it in the bedroom and laughs. You are both so talented. I have never seen anything so creative and perfect. I have such respect for your work, and you are both so kind and thoughtful to boot! I am sure you have more work than you care to handle, but I will recommend you to anyone who will listen! Thank you again.

Karyn & Peter

Stop and listen.. We hear the phrase throughout our lives. Yet more times than not we run into sales people who would rather talk about what they want to sell you instead of what you really need. Our wedding video was flawless. You captured this event with enthusiasm and uniqueness. And you did it with the “outside the box” approach we requested. By doing so you captured the love for each other thru song and images that will be available to us and our families for many lifetimes. This is not a video. It is a masterpiece! Unique, cutting edge, inspirational, spiritual and full of energy. You not only hit the mark, you raised the bar! Kerrie and I applaud you both for your outstanding effort in coming through for us. But more importantly we thank you for listening. You demonstrate the importance of this by the work you perform and the product you deliver. Outstanding!!! Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime

Kerrie & Richard

We received our video this weekend. We sat down to watch it together, so excited to relive our day! It more than met our expectations! Not only did we relive our day, but we got to see things we missed completely. You did such a wonderful job capturing all the important moments along with the fun and comedic incidents. The day really was a whirlwind and to see it again was priceless. From mannerisms to the laughter to the choice of my grandmother, there are some things you just cannot capture with a photograph. When we did our original budget, we did not include a video. After contemplating it for a few months, we finally decided to get it. We are so thrilled that we did! I have been telling all of my engaged friends that they cannot skip the videographer! And I am telling all my friends on Long Island, that they cannot skip meeting with you! We will treasure this for years to come. We live so far away from our families so we were not able to watch it with them. We are mailing them their copies today and I know they will be as happy as we are! I also want to thank you for your service. The wedding industry is labeled as scandalous and corrupt, and over the course of our 18 month engagement we ran into many unethical vendors. Not only were you ethical, trustworthy, and reliable, but you were also respectable, nice, friendly and very helpful. We really appreciate all that you did for us. We want to thank you for your continued service after our wedding also. You were the best people to work with! We wish you lots of luck in the years to come with your business. Oh and the songs you picked were perfect!!

Michael & Christine

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There is not nearly enough room on this card to sing your praises. When I hired you to videotape my wedding, I knew I was working with the best of the best. However, my video was so much more than just footage. It was a beautiful story. An heirloom for me and Anthony to pass down to our children and grandchildren. Everyone who sees it is totally floored. Bill, you are a genius you should be in Hollywood making movies. I can never thank-you both enough for being so wonderful to work with. I will be sure to let anyone who comes in my path that Wild Rose Video is the only option for videography. Any chance I have to use you guys I will be calling. P.S. – I have watched my video 11 times and still love every moment!

Jacqueline & Anthony

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Thank you so much for capturing the special moments of our wedding day and exceeding all of our expectations! We also want to thank you for always answering our questions with a smile and for helping us select the perfect music – you were truly a pleasure to work with!

Susan & Flavio

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Our gratitude extends so far beyond the words “thank you”. You are both not only extremely talented videographers but extremely caring people – and I truly believe that is what makes a Wildrose Video leagues above any other wedding video I have ever seen. Our video has already brought so much joy to us and our families and we know it will continue to do that for years and generations to come. You have taught us the true meaning of tears of joy!

Carinn & Ian

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I can’t begin to explain how much we enjoyed having you be a part of our wedding. The kindness you both have shown us from the time we walked in your office to the very end of our wedding will never be forgotten. We have never seen such a beautiful wedding tape. Best wishes in the future. Thanks so much!

Rob & Kelly Spencer

Words can not express our utter joy!! We have already watched our video 3 times since picking it up yesterday. It is a masterpiece. The way you were able to capture our special day was amazing. It was especially touching the way you incorporated the memory of my beautiful mom. I can’t begin to tell you how important it was for me to have her presence with me on my wedding day and now with your help I can feel as if her spirit was truly with me because of the work of art you created. We were completely floored by the entire production and can’t wait to show it to all of our family and friends. I wish every bride and groom the joy we feel right now.

Jennifer & Thomas

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Thank you for being the absolute best at what you do! You made our dream come true through your expertise and your pure love for what you do. We can’t say enough about how happy you’ve made us. We love you!

Jaime and Russell DeMaria

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Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding video! It truly captured the magic of our special day as well as the distinct personalities of our friends and family. We will treasure this keepsake forever! Thank you again!

Lori and Michael Frank

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Our infinite thanks to you for capturing our spirit and immortalizing our special day (8-1-03) in such a beautiful and professional wedding video. It is to your credit that we had to pretend we didn’t receive the video yet when a friend and her husband expressed interest in seeing ours and we had just seen their video. We didn’t want to embarrass them because our video was far superior. Of course, we have had a lot of fun showing it off! Our families are so impressed. We loved dealing with you from start to finish and will miss you! We will certainly recommend Wild Rose Video to our friends and relatives. Thanks again!

Christina and Michael Tine

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I don’t know where to begin… from the moment we started the video, tears just fell. It is the most beautiful video we have ever seen. You captured each moment perfectly. We bursted out into laughter and into tears. Our family and friends absolutely loved it also. Thank you a million times over and over! Every time we watch it.. we relive our day! We will highly recommend you to everyone!

Christine and Andrew Rosa

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I had to write you to say thank you for the outstanding job you did on our wedding video. Every moment was captured so beautifully. From the first time we met I knew I was going to book with you. You both were so courteous, professional and helpful at all times. Every time I watch the video I relive my wedding day all over again. I will treasure this for the rest of my life. You will be highly recommended to all. Thanks again for everything.

Kenny and Jenn

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It is hard to put in words how much Jay and I appreciate all you have done for us. The video is “incredible”, “fantastic”, “heartfelt”, “awesome”, and the list goes on. You captured “Our Day” perfectly! We wish you and your family all the best!

Elizabeth and Jay Johnson

Robert and I have watched the entire video and we just love it. I cried several times just watching it. I am thrilled that we will have this documentation of our wedding day along with footage of our family members for our own children to see many years from now. We can honestly say that although, we knew the finished product would be wonderful we were still so blown away by it. The music, footage, uses of lens and angles and special techniques is incredible. Thank you so much we are truly forever grateful to you and Bill for all the work. Once again thanks so much. God’s blessings to you and your family.

Karen & Robert

Wow! We are totally in awe. You have created a masterpiece!!! It took me all week to stop crying & freaking out with excitement (Lance too) – HaHa. Thank You So Much…. & Thank You also for your incredible generosity in giving us all the “extras”… So Great! So not necessary, but so kind and generous. You have totally blessed us in more ways than we even thought possible. Please forgive the repetition of these words… they are similar in your “picture thank-you” that we sent out. God Bless You!

Lance & Janine

Can I tell you how many times I’ve watched the video already (no… because I don’t think I can count that high!!) WOW!! To say that it brings me back to the moment each and every time wouldn’t be sufficient. It’s amazing to think that I can remember and feel each emotion felt at a precise moment as I see it replayed before my eyes. Aside from the extraordinary work that you did in capturing Rich and I at our best (or weakest) moments, you captured the essence of us. Everyone who has seen the video says, “It’s a beautiful video, but its sooo you and Rich”. I love the fact that it’s not the same as everyone else’s. It brings to life the true personalities of our friends and family and of course, most importantly, Rich and I. Thank you, as you are both gifted with the ability to make our one special day come alive again and again each and every time we watch the video. Granted, we have to purchase more tissues thanks to you, as Rich nor I can watch the video without crying, but hey, we’re fine with that! So… basically, Thank you.

Stephanie & Richard Hall

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