A little bit about us…….

I started Wild Rose Video because I had an idea of what video should be but I had not seen it anywhere. I believe that video is the best format for reliving your memories, and we help you do that with a unique style of video journalism seldom seen anywhere else.

In order to do that you must be totally unobtrusive. You must capture the events exactly the way they happened with as little interference as possible. That is why we don’t use any room lights at your reception, no rolling tripods, no constant giving directions.

Journalism is the reporting of the facts the way they happened, Photojournalism is the capturing of a split second exactly the way it happened, and video journalism is capturing the entire event exactly the way it happened, the way you wanted it to happen, naturally.

Through film and editing we make you feel like you are reliving that day and now seeing and feeling all those things you might have missed with a special flare and elegance like no other.

I know what it is like to dream about your special day. You’ve imagined it, you are planning for it, now preserve it and let the emotions and laughter of that day be remembered through video.

Imagine this……

When I look at the picture of her and her father dancing, it is beautiful, but her hug was still, her tear was frozen and nothing was said. But when I viewed that part on the video, a tear streamed down her face her father wiped it and kissed her cheek and as she hugged him she rubbed his back to comfort him. Although we couldn’t hear what she said, her lips moved and said, “I love you, Daddy…….forever”.

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